The Dreamwork / Prøverommet på ALDEA

Mandag 26. april . kl 12.00 – kl 16.00
Billetter HER!
This time prøverommet takes the format of a workshop that brings together artists from across disciplines to test a prototype of ‘The Dreamwork’, a project by artist Elind Rui Blix, inspired by Bjørn Bjarre’s publication ‘Drømmerarbeider’ (1995).

«The Dreamwork is sort of a conceptual junk yard… this digital publication will hopefully become a place, where you can roam through thrown-out ideas, and maybe use them to experiment or expand»

participants in the workshop will be asked to contribute trashed ideas and recycle them according to an environmental manifesto designed by Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst): the Tromsø based artist-led initiative.

climate researcher Thor Olav Iversen will contribute his knowledge to the workshop, in addition to production expertise from ALDEA.

photo credit: Ada Miko @fotograf.adamiko

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